Saturday, June 27, 2009

So as of late, twitter has taken over as my outlet for random, first thought commentary? Lol of what I'm doing or for where I'm at(not really) but don't worry blogger, I haven't forgot about thou...(Mad I'm speaking to the site) anyways, things have been going really well for me. Honestly just the same as its been but I think that's good. I've been in summer school the past several weeks and I'm doing pretty well. I've also been going hard, working as usual. And I've also been chilling whenever possible, catching up with my friends from time to time. I'm really glad I've been able to find the time to do that seeing as how I've noticed more and more lately that we all are going towards our own individual paths. Its all great to me. But yeah, I'd grade my summer and overall happiness with things right now as a A-/B+. It would probably be an A+ but I figure there's always room for improvement. Umm what else? I think that I'm missing having that "ride or die" chick by my side this summer as I find myself wanting that extra support or hug,kiss,touch, etc. So yeah that's missing. But yeah things are great overall. I'm dreading going to work in a few hours but I know I must. I'm gonna have to work on not beating myself up(not literally) over the things that must happen, like, school and going to work. Its more going to work these days lol but yeah ima try to finally put this blackberry down. Before I do, I want to say RIP to Michael Jackson, Farah Faucet(sp) and Ed McMahon. Its been tough for a lot of folks. But yeah, be easy all. Till next time.
u know I had to do it lol