Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Movie Watching lol

So, I watched Lifetime's presentation of a movie staring Jill Scott and this other young black actress,Nicole Beharie. I now have a crush on her lol

Anyways, the movie is called "Sins of the Mothers"


Oh and yes Men do watch lifetime lol

Any hoot it was great---I soooooo wish I was the guy she(the young girl) ended up meeting lol

Climax of the movie obviously was the best part, but damn If I ever stood up to my mama like she did in the church I would've got knocked back a few generations lol and probably by somebody else mom lol

But yeah, good ish Lifetime! Make more of these movies lol, less psycho killer man bashing ones.

Anyways though, this week will be busy, maybe a few blogs will come from this.
Later though.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm making myself blog right now lol.
I haven't done a serious, consistent one in so long that I feel weird even being signed on lol...back in late 2008, early 2009 I was heavy on this. Since then its been a bunch of random, false promises of blogging lol...Even though I'm still sure that no one will every read this--I will still do it for self fulfilment.

So yeah,
I've been going through it (low key might I add) emotionally. Caught between feelings. One of those on the one hand..blah blah blah...but on the other hand..blah blah blah..type situations lol

I'm not really trying to figure out what to do about it, but I would honestly rather not be dealing with it. It kinda boils down to me being single, and to not beat around the bush, single life sucks...NO this has nothing to do with V day. I've celebrated that "holiday" a lot the last few years. Whether with friends or that "one", and I understand the commercialism about it. You know--the whole get your girl/guy flowers and candy and a bear and whatever else. I participate and indulge in those gifts myself lol but see when I am with someone, I treat them special 365, however random or weird...I don't pick one day to show up and show out--feel me?

Anyways I'm really just not digging this single life. Kinda want something to happen now, opposite of how I had been feeling. Being single is one thing, but living along day to day sucks lol--just need somebody I can grind with (no pun intended) and can grow with. Not looking for kids or marriage, but damn I do wish I just had that support system that I could depend on.

Oh well, we'll def. see what happens.

I'll try to make it back to this thing later.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just something I did on my BlackBerry

Not gonna prof read this or even edit it lol just feel like posting..



What does friendship mean in this day and age? Do we have rules? What is expected?

Beats me.

I guess if you do consider yourself a "good" friend, then there should be certain guide lines u abide by. We all have different, unwritten codes of conduct. No outside person should ever break the bond shared, no outside influence shall take over our way of thinking toward one another, and I guess the last thing would be communication is key--or we have no REAL friendship. There's a lot more but I think they come from those stated above. I've said before that things between two or more ppl should be 50/50 or however u break it up--but ill just say for now, just hold your spot down.

Consider your friends opinions, and feelings before rushing off to do things.
Ask yourself, "What will he/she think if..blah blah blah"--Just be conscious of everyone/everything.

Nobodys perfect, and stuff does happen. Even the most long tenured friendships come with a test of will power from time to time. Its just a matter of taking those responsibilities head on--together--.

"Maturity(let's say within the friendship) does not come with age(how long you've been friends), but, with the acceptance of responsibility"