Monday, September 21, 2009

Figured it out

Greetings and salutations lol,
hope all is well with everyone. K let's get to it lol,
I brainstormed something at work today with refrencebto this blog. I figure I don't want to give up blogging because it's just to good of a venting tool for me lol. I love the main point of sites like Twitter, that being say whatever yo want randomly 140 characters at a time. Still though I like using this for the same thing, just in a more organized manner. Hopefully it will make sense down the line lol.

What I plan on doing is using this for a week in review type thing, meaning I'll most lowly only post here once a week. I'm holding every Sunday evening. So yeah we'll try this out for a while...

Week of 9/14-9/21
Monday- began pretty comfortably. I had been sick the previous week and was truly just getting over the symptoms. Beig sick SUCKS. I had not struggled that much at a job in a while. I can't ever remember being so sick that I was about to pass out. Not since I was younger atleast. Anyhot that's an experience I would not like exeriencing the rest of this fall(wishful thinking maybe?) oh well lol...but yeah I got through Monday pretty str8..

Tuesday- was hectice, as it usualy is being that it is my busiest(sp) class/work day. Woke up around 1030 hateing that I continue to sleep in during the week but am able to hop my ass up fast as hell for work on Saturday and Sunday lol. So yeah I made it to class stupid late. If anybody reading this was ever in or still in college then you know parking is a biotch lol.. So yeah it was one Get car inspected 
Clean car out
where I said eff t I'm late I'll take my time lol...I made it to class and was pretty str8 with what I caught on to. Math has always been a weak subject for me but wiu my added motivation from passing in summer school lol I figure I'll be fine. So yeah left class and definately went home and got lazy lol shouldve went to work but made that opposite move. I think I blamed it on still feeling "sick" so yeah missed that lol
hit biology at the six o'clock hour. Texted my way through lecture lol, then hit up lab and did my thing. I haven't taken Bio since 10th grade so you say I'm rusty lol but I'll figure that ish out too. Got home late after a Wally world run and then chilled for he rest of he night.

Wednesday- no class!!! Lol love my class scheule this semester...anyways I chilled for the most part until going to work then went and hit the mall wig friends. Also went and saw Tyler Perrys new joint,"I can do bad all by myself" It was a damn good movie. I didn't get as emotional as a lot of others did but I felt it lol...that was a fun day..

Thursday- more or less was the same as Tuesday except I didn't have a lab to go to.

Friday- chilled all day until gointo pick up a couple my pols. Ran aomeerrands and chilled mostly. Bought my touch:) which is what I'm using now lol to blog that is...

Saturday/Sunday- work work WORK...that's all I feel like I did lol that and ate, slept. Thank God I only see that building twice a week. I've been hearing that some "bad behind back" talking has been going on. Let's hope not lol

guess that's it people lol...mind you it's now 5 something in The morning, just doing this mock blog lol
I'm def. Aiming toward keeping this up. It helps internally lol
but yeah peace y'all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New ish!

Oh sh*t yah boys back lol
guess I'll ask again who the hell am I talking to? Lol oh well maybe I'll get some Twitter readers lol yeah I said it. The whole reason I been absent is because of Twitter lol my bad blogger I just lost my mojo but hopefully it's back and stuff. Anyways I'm doing well just trying to figure out life iguess lol cornyyyy Lol anyways I got a new toy:)
I have been a pro blackberry ani iPhone person for a while lol but like I never haD a big problem with iPods. iPod touchs to be exact. Look, long story short,this thing is the SHIT. If you haven't guessed I'm blogging from it now lol

Here is my advice to anybody contemplating a phone decision. If you like the all in one combo, phone with music Internet blah blah blah then the iPhones cool BUT I think it's just to expensive. I have a BB that u only spend about 80 on a month. With the touch I get eery feature minus the camera that the iPhone has. And everything I download is free lol so yeah...

Anyways this is my I'm back blog lol...I have some BB memo pad blogs to post later and mad other ish to talk about, later lol

But yeah stay blessed.