Wednesday, December 31, 2008


....(its around 10:50 now), I might as well type a little 08 review...well my 08 in review...

My 2008 started off like every other year 12:01..after that, I think it was followed by a lot of niggas drinking, smoking....and then yelling at one another..and me laughing at all of um lol i think I acctually chose not to do anything in the beg. of 08'...i don't really remember to be honest...
so yeah,
I was typing all the months out, and trying to explain what went on...but I honestly cant remember lol all I know is...

I worked 3 jobs, 
had a Spring, Summer, & Fall semester full of college credit aspiring lol...
noticed my GPA rise, rise, & rise somemore.

Had a couple of random nahh but I did have 2 relationships this year...not at the same time lol, but saw both of them end...sadly, only one friend still remains from the 2

speaking of frienship...that shit got real confusing during the year lol..lets just say my circle is a lot smaller now...but stronger then ever.

Wherever my focus originated, I thank the person, place, or thing(noun) that helped me come to grips with what that word really means.

I want 09 to be a great year..
its scary though, who knows what may happen...but Im ready for some challenges..
whatever comes my way, im ready...or not
who cares..but lets get it!
I hope n!ggas stay safe tonight...i love watchn that ball drop on tv, but hate seing them other flashy lights minutes later outside my own window...its gettin old...
lets do it diffrent this year.[i know its nearly impossible]..but there are almost no escuses left..if any at all..shit, was there every any excuse?lol hell nahhh

ill leave with this though, and probally come back with something else later lol

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him POWER."

Im still pondering that myself...
till next time,

Monday, December 29, 2008

1 down, 2 to go..then the fun starts

Nah, not talking about the new year...although that time is approaching us fast..I haven't really taken any time to sit back and think about it, or talk,type about it either...and I wont be right now lol, Probably Wednesday after work, when I can take another break from doing stuff.  Anyways today was my first official day of work at my new second job.  I work in a business park over here where I'm from, and I basically just do data entry for a company along with other little tasks, stuff like You can tell  I don't want to get into all the details about my work, probally cause I'm still learning the place, but It's a pretty chill job from what I can see.  They provide decent pay for part time, well REAL decent lol and I'm thinking I'll enjoy it for the most part ounce I get used to it.

So yeah that's about all that's going on with that.

Ummm, I'm excited to get closer to starting back at my other job, which if you don't know me then you probally don't know what it is lol...I teach at a Charter School.  Just one class, lol I'm not certified to work full time yet, but I teach a music class.  2nd-8th grade.  I been doing it since I was 17, in my early 20's haha i just wanted to sound old, I'm 21. lol...but yeah I never thought Id want to be a teacher, until I started going there and helping out.  All the help I gave, turned into a job, which turned into motivation for me to get outta school lol and start given back.  Well, educating back to the future(I sound lame I know lol but its true).

Um what else can I talk about...
oh yeah my car is fucking UP...I have to get it checked out sometime this week before Saturday.  All the more reason I want to get something else...its between these 3..not in any particular order..

1.Doge Charger
2.Chrysler 300
3.Infinti(forgot the model number)

I would have put Honda, but I already experienced one of those lol, and I would have put like Lexus but The only ones worth driving are the ones you pay a heavy GRIP for, so yeah no for now lol...All 3 of those are in my price range.

I think thats it though for now,
I'm tired of looking at computer screens lol even though I'll probally be sitting here chattin...hit this up later though.


Friday, December 26, 2008

"Its done"...My Christmas in Review

So Christmas day has come and gone.  Sooo, now what?lol...I won't lie and say I wasn't counting down the weeks, days, but not for those same reasons as before when I was younger.  The last few years spent celebrating this holiday have been different...yeah different is the word.  I was really just ready for it to be over with to be honest.  I love the family camaraderie[is that how u spell that?,even with spell check?lol..T where the hell you at to spell check me..:)] yeah I love that and the fact that everybody puts on they happy face so at least for a few hours we can all get along.  

The food was great, the stories where embarrassing.  The presents where appreciated, since I didn't ask for anything.  Seems like the older I get, and the more money I make, the less I need to wait for a present lol...but anything spent on my behalf is greatly appreciated.  Ummm, wish I could have spent time with a few extra special people, extra special person..ultra special maybe?..(inside)

It's all good though cause all in all I had a great holiday, and in my grandfathers words...hope we ALL can enjoy many many more to come.

Speaking of him, HAPPY  BIRTHDAY AND HOLIDAY TO HIM.  His birthday was on Christmas Day...
He still making it, going strong...80 years now, and still got jokes for days lol.

Anyways I guess any holiday spent with Family is a great one...even though some family is salty, other are fake...I guess it could suck lol but u just gotta make the best of it...i know theres atleast one relative, friend or somebody u can get along with...mine was my ipod lol, joking joking...but yeah hope everyone had a excellent Holiday and is looking forward to a brand new exciting year...Lets get it in the best way...

be back later for my new years preview lol


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[2 more throwbacks]

[a little theme my mom used to keep going, our last day of school would always be our last walk together lol before the new year...this happnd to be my last day of 5th grade, and her last of 4th..]



Im all&
'd out....lets get to the 25th already...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, whatever your's might be, or not be.
be back later, 

very creative video I saw on YouTube...Lupe Fiasco's And He Gets The Girl...(shout out to those "tuba Players out there" lol)

I just really like this...wish I could make something up like this lol

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Throw backs

So my Grandmother is getting a digital Picture know, one of those frames that flashes through diffrent pictures that you save on a SD card or whatever...anyways the whole theme was supposed to be, "Grandkids and Family through the years"...Mannnnnnnnnn I had to put some throw backs up of me and my sister, I'm gonna share them with you guys.... goes..
[Easter 90'?i think]

[2&3 years old maybe?...damn we had it rough, wouldnt have it any other way though]
[...check the suspenders lol damn mama]

brief intermission due to bloggers slow upload time...or my wireless internet be back soon



[style so meannn, swagg is OD, ass delicious!]

YOOOOO I forgott I had did this lol
I was on my Charles Hamilton Brooklyn girl ish and you just so happnd to be going up to get your TAT lol

Anyways I hope you like my tribute lol haha

workin hard to stay workin hard.  Just got back from this mandatory second interview with my new job.  Def. just killed it! Looking good too lol, got my buisness attire on point.  Anyways I guess I'll rest up, since I found out tmrw I have to go to my Aunts house and babysit alllllll the kids.  Its mad kids living with her lol cousins, and all that.  It's cool though, just put a dvd in they big ass TV and kick back while they eyes is focused on Lilo & Stich, or whatever they feel like watching lol.

Anyways while I wake Dawn Ass up;), I'ma be on chill the rest of today.
Get back at this later with something special.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


"What have I became
in this false fantasy?
Thriving on something sweet,
submerging into another world.
Without it I tumble
transforming into nothing.
I'm locked in a stalemate
not capable to stir.
Look closely through my eyes,
as deep as the end of sight.
See! My ailment and do
your very best to repair.
Save me from this ogre 
I have become, before
I sit in a dark painful void...lost inside my addiction"

I thirst and hunger for it, but have never known its taste
screamed and yelled at it, but never seen its face

My thoughts aren't complete, my words don't make sense and I don't even know who i want to tell this to.  I wana burst inside.  Damn.  Give me more, so that I might figure out why I crave for it so much.   I'm powerless to stop it, but scared of the consequences of my behavior.

What I could think of...(part 1 of ?)

So yeah, I’ve been trying to put together my thoughts in the last 24 hours or so and I been having a little trouble.  No kind of writers block, it’s just so many things worth blogging about lately that I can’t keep up with myself almost. 

With the way things are going now, I can’t wait till 09’ gets here.  What an added bonus that the New Year is a mere 10 days or so away, and I’m on such a hot streak.  Feels like I’m def. headed in the right direction.  New job starts Monday; well at least the process begins.  I go in to fill out a few forms, tax’s and all that, direct deposit.  Just the usual shit, and then I have my first real day Tuesday. 

When I wake up in the morning now, I’m actually feeling good vs. having feelings of doubt, shame, and sometimes depression.  Things had not looked this great a few months ago…shit not even a few days ago.   Don’t really know what happened, well maybe I do ;)…but the air def. smells different lol feel me?  I’m walking with a different attitude, speaking with a different tone.  It feels great yo.

Smiling right now, as I write.  Lol I’m feeling great yo damn lol.  Anyways, I’m thinking about all this extra legal tender, coinage, capital, mullah, principal, money that I’m about to gain from having this other job.  I’m used to at least working 2, if not more.  I’m comfortable in situations like that, cause any time I’m not making money, I’m just getting broke.  Lol. I mean right? Lol.  The list should go, gas, text books, food, cell phone, miscellaneous lol.  Wait it should really go, gas, cell phone, food, and then text books and miscellaneous lol.

Man I’m stupid bored now, so I’ll let this go until I return.  Lol


Saturday, December 20, 2008

stupidness'ess...featuring the Gorgeous Geek

that is
(she's wearing my hat)

My day...yesterday lol

Oddly enough, at 3 something in the mourning, I've realized that I didn't write in this serious enough to say that I truly "blogged" lol (yesterday). I'm wide awake now because I went to sleep earlier. It's weird though because I been doing this lately, sleeping early and waking up early. It sounds good, but for me to be off from work and done with school for the semester going on 2 weeks, it seems a little odd lol. I love that I'm acctually going to bed, even though its not on purpose. Just wish I could stay sleep enough to wake up when the sun comes up, not watch it lol. It hasn't been all bad though, it's given me some time to think about a lot thats going on.

Anyways though, Friday was decent for me. I guess I could announce that I did finally get word from that second job I had been waiting to hear from. They want me to come in Monday to fill out paper work an all that, and I believe I start sometime after new years. I'm nervously excited about this lol, but ready. I will def. enjoy this extra mula I'll be bringing in. Or putting up? lol I also found out that the "IN" network that I associate my phone service with, likes to play games.... a lot lol....

hmmm what else?

I figured out why i want to be a million miles from where I sit and type to you..
hmm what else...ummmmm
I think I should start giving music lessons;)
And yeah thats about it...

I hope I go to sleep again so I wont have to be up no more...since someee ppl want quiet time now...[head]

but yeah, im sure i'll hit this back up later. I need more followers lol all my friends hittn double digits while all Im hittn is a 6 pack...i love my 6 pack though lol you guys are great...

Friday, December 19, 2008

anotha shout...:)

Maybe / And He Gets The Girl - N.E.R.D / Lupe Fiasco


*sings*snap a photo and write some text...send it to blogger and we'll do the rest!

so I was looking at how to blog from your phone and they had cracked me up
listen to the little jingle they have with it if you ever go look at it.

this goes out to....

wish I had somebody to dedicate it to...
guess ill vibe alone..:(
i shoulda put the remix..oh well

Come Close - Common


I woke up wanting a I don't know why..I think I might have had a dream about it. Either way I want one now. I think I've always wanted one, I just never followed through. But yeah so, Now the next question is...what should I get right? hmmmm...
I dont know man. Damn, see the problem is, it's gonna be there forever lol feel me? Soooo if I put it on my body, well if whoever does it puts it on my body somewhere I'm gonna want it to be a good decision.
I already know it's gonna be something music related, since that's a major part of my life. It also might be City that make sense? Like where I'm from lol. Why a bunch of us always feel the need to rep where we are from is still a mystery to me, but I can't front and say that I don't do it. So yeah I need to go searching for something unique. Feels like that will be more of a challenge than I'm making it out to be. Damn I just realized I gotta figure out where I'm gonna put this thing too. I already know that neck, back, wrist, forearm, i think thats it but yeah I already know that's out...pain isn't relevant, but working is lol...And having anything visable like that is def. a no no. Thinking more on it, i think it'll probally go on my upper left or right arm...the most basic spot lol. We'll see though, for now I just need to find something to get...probally put some pic.s up later.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thinkin of a master plan...

I'm lie'n, shawty on my mind...

hmmm, probally why I'm still up?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


yo my stomach hurts...i wonder if this stuff really works
very old school, like 50's maybe???i dunnoe

Good Morning

this reminded me of when i took this picture..

this was the only good one they let pass through, but I def. was the only kid sitting there after like the first 5 minutes. lol good times
don't really have a post ready lol just felt like sharing that.
be back later though:)


I posted earlier about wanting to make up some sort of business card to give out so that I could further promote my barbering lol...and
I can't come up with what to put on it...I didn't think it was going to be hard to think up but I was telling myself that I don't want to just put something on a card and give it out, just to see it on the ground or in the trash somewhere later...I want people to remember it and actually keep it lol specially If I put time into creating it.
I know I've def. done that in the past, gotten a card, read it, or not, then thrown it away or put it in my back pocket just for it to get messed up in the wash later lol..
so yeah I'm gonna keep brainstorming...

be back later ppl.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

fresh cutt

Just got out the lab...had to hit that mop[my head]
it had gotten a little rough in the last few days but sense I didn't have to do much over the weekend I wasn't paying attention...anyways my boy was like bruh you need to really make some buisness cards up and take this that how you spell that?lol...spell check...waiting...waiting...okay so yeah i was right lol anyways I digress...(u like that?)lol...I'm gonna get back wit cha hear with a couple designs after I work on it a are a couple of head shots...sorry for the lighting I was'nt really feeling like finding the digi cam. so I used the web cam...which

C&H[calvin and hobbes]

I read a few of these everyday now lol..
imagination is something else...damn I miss being a kid.


Monday, December 15, 2008

im ready

ready to be done with school so badly. I remember starting off, fresh and ready for new adventure. Now it's all to old to me...although classes get harder and harder as you go, I still realize more and more that the biggest goal is finishing, but the hardest challenge will be starting over...again...afterward.
I'm ready though,

anyways, how bout them Panthers? I think we might take it...I hope so at least. That run game is SERIOUS. Just hope they stick to that as we get deeper in December and into January. Long as Delhomme keep throwing to Smith then we good too. & oh yeah, shouts to my Carolina Tar heels as well, they def. holding down that number one spot although Tyler's a little banged up. Wish that freshman dude, I forgott his name but I know he like 7' and he athletic as hell...anyways wish he hadnt of fucked his rist up...we would really be something to fuck wit...

but yeah I'ma get up out these work clothes and chill...probally watch...hmmm

yeah that will work. I watch it like everyweek lol..[classic]
get back to this later



So the end of another weekend has hit...& the start of another work week is upon us all,well most of us...I'm good with it though, ready to do something wit myself...been off work since like Tuesday,and done with exams since Wednesday...feels like I been inside forever. That's my own fault though since I chose not to do much..anyways I'll probably still be up a while which means I'll probably be back here..
so yeah,till then


Saturday, December 13, 2008


back in Jan.


just can't help myself.

Every since I signed up for this thing, I just can't help but come back for more lol
I guess school did take up a lot of my time cause' I never focus this much on anything but my job/school. And since im on vacation from work and school, I have nothin much else to do. Don't worry though, I'll keep this up...even if only a few people see this thing lol..

be back sooner then later.

listening to:
Lupe Fiasco's The Cool(no clip.lazy


What motivates me?...hmmm
I remember.
& this is why i go so damn hard...DAILY
its why I will never let my mom have broken blinds,sawed off door knobs, and dirty walls ever again.
Its why my sister is still my # 1 sidekick.
and is why God keeps me and mine, in his favor.

never forget what molded you..

"doin it till death, no one could do it better..."

Gettin Up - Q-Tip


Friday, December 12, 2008

Early Bird

So I'm up early..
well I can't lie, I haven't completely went to sleep yet...laid it down a few hours back, but I never got into that REM sleep you learn about in Psyc. Anyways, I love transformers animated ish...

[random moment of though]...I don't usually watch to many cartoons anymore, unless you count some amine...SOME AMINE lol not all..that ish get mad serious and some of it is borderline for me, lol so I won't watch...anyways i like the transfomers one cause' it looks like USA anime lol not sure where it orignated but yeah...back to my original post[end of random moment of thought transmision]

right, so anyways I was watching transformers animated series and one of the characters popped up, her name's Sari and she holds on to this little piece of the...don't qoute me for spelling but, the allspark?!? lol and its on her neck as a key..anyways that doesnt matter for what Im trying to type lol....she's real good friends with the autobots, inparticular bumblebee...I went to google and tried to see if I could find out why she's a character on the animated version since she's obviously not in the movie, unless i missed that..and a picture popped up of her and bumble was just really cool i had to post it lol..

keep in mind she's like 10 on the cartoon but is obviosly older in this picture.
..yeah lol

Original Sari yeah, def. difference.

anyways I'm gonna go lay it down and try to stop this random typing...


"come on girl lets goooo.."

I guess you(whoever reads this, if anybody at all...sept my one subscriber:]), will come to see that I listen to a lot of music...mostly hip/hop, R&B, old school, new school old school...all that lol

..nodding to this Common right now..check out one of the better songs I think is featured on the album.

Punch Drunk Love - Common feat. Kanye West

[its another version with Pharell somewhere...I've seen Common perform it with him on youtube at one of his concerts...i like both versions...he just copies what Kanye is saying]
some say Common could have went in "harder" on the album only having 10 tracks, and a lot of different feels from Common...but I mean dude been doing his thing, acting and all that, so I don't blame him...he still making that good music..

well im out...for a few more minutes atleast lol