Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just something I did on my BlackBerry

Not gonna prof read this or even edit it lol just feel like posting..



What does friendship mean in this day and age? Do we have rules? What is expected?

Beats me.

I guess if you do consider yourself a "good" friend, then there should be certain guide lines u abide by. We all have different, unwritten codes of conduct. No outside person should ever break the bond shared, no outside influence shall take over our way of thinking toward one another, and I guess the last thing would be communication is key--or we have no REAL friendship. There's a lot more but I think they come from those stated above. I've said before that things between two or more ppl should be 50/50 or however u break it up--but ill just say for now, just hold your spot down.

Consider your friends opinions, and feelings before rushing off to do things.
Ask yourself, "What will he/she think if..blah blah blah"--Just be conscious of everyone/everything.

Nobodys perfect, and stuff does happen. Even the most long tenured friendships come with a test of will power from time to time. Its just a matter of taking those responsibilities head on--together--.

"Maturity(let's say within the friendship) does not come with age(how long you've been friends), but, with the acceptance of responsibility"