Sunday, September 20, 2009

New ish!

Oh sh*t yah boys back lol
guess I'll ask again who the hell am I talking to? Lol oh well maybe I'll get some Twitter readers lol yeah I said it. The whole reason I been absent is because of Twitter lol my bad blogger I just lost my mojo but hopefully it's back and stuff. Anyways I'm doing well just trying to figure out life iguess lol cornyyyy Lol anyways I got a new toy:)
I have been a pro blackberry ani iPhone person for a while lol but like I never haD a big problem with iPods. iPod touchs to be exact. Look, long story short,this thing is the SHIT. If you haven't guessed I'm blogging from it now lol

Here is my advice to anybody contemplating a phone decision. If you like the all in one combo, phone with music Internet blah blah blah then the iPhones cool BUT I think it's just to expensive. I have a BB that u only spend about 80 on a month. With the touch I get eery feature minus the camera that the iPhone has. And everything I download is free lol so yeah...

Anyways this is my I'm back blog lol...I have some BB memo pad blogs to post later and mad other ish to talk about, later lol

But yeah stay blessed.

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