Tuesday, December 1, 2009

*deep breath*
Bruh, Life really sucks sometimes. Yeah, sounds cliche(sp) but I don't care. Shit just sucks at times. Damn. I really want 2 feel different about everything. I know I'm blessed to wake up each morning, and please believe I thank God any and every chance I get. Really though, I thank him before I sleep, when I wake, during my shower, when Im walking to class lol, all that. But stuff just still feels so much more awkward then they should be. I see to many voids that shouldn't exist. Sucks man. Damn. Family acting...well, I guess the term would be "brand new". This is why I used to wish I wasn't the oldest when I was younger, or the only boy for that matter. Damn. Can't believe the same shit that pissed me off when I was 4, pisses me off now at 22. Seriously. I don't really want to hear, "thats life, get over it" cause I already understand that. Guess I just want to finally complain about it lol, I try not to so hard though. Life is what you make it. You shouldn't have to please anyone else but yourself, but thats bullshit when all you ever had your whole life was your sister and your mother. Those are the people I had/still have. Every move I make in some way or another has something to do with them and there approval, yet I still try to distance myself so that know one can say they did anything for me. Make sense? I dunno, def not going back and editing lol


ugghhh man im out,
hope shit clears itself out cause' I'm a couple steps from saying fuck it.

..not really

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