Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Movie Watching lol

So, I watched Lifetime's presentation of a movie staring Jill Scott and this other young black actress,Nicole Beharie. I now have a crush on her lol

Anyways, the movie is called "Sins of the Mothers"


Oh and yes Men do watch lifetime lol

Any hoot it was great---I soooooo wish I was the guy she(the young girl) ended up meeting lol

Climax of the movie obviously was the best part, but damn If I ever stood up to my mama like she did in the church I would've got knocked back a few generations lol and probably by somebody else mom lol

But yeah, good ish Lifetime! Make more of these movies lol, less psycho killer man bashing ones.

Anyways though, this week will be busy, maybe a few blogs will come from this.
Later though.

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