Monday, April 13, 2009

It's harder and harder to figure out title's for these things lol..geeshhh
Anyways, Whats up blogger?
Everything good here, Just chillin on the couch.
I'm trying to figure out what to talk about..hmmm..
Oh I know I was on some phone review site earlier...Im debating on either going blackberry or iPhone
I mean yeah I know what both phones are good and bad for...I just wonder which one I'll be happiest with. Probably either or honestly, but I dunnoe at the same time.
Oh well though, it's cool to think about but it will be a long while before I make a decision on that. I have other ish to pay for lol
So yeah If you look up top, you'll notice my new glasses...wait, here look down..

Don't mind the pose lol I was trying to look good andddd hit the button lol multi-tasking..

Its hard to get used to something constantly being on your face, but I'll deal because my vision has gotten 10x's better.

So yeah anywaysss Im bored as hell..guess i'll watch some more ESPN.


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