Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So that mobile blogging def. works great! so now I can just type randomly from my phone when I don't feel like logging on lol
So anyway what's up blogger??
Nothing here with me.
I should really be studying but I just keep finding other stuff to occupy my attention. Don't worry though, eventually I'll get to it...for real lol I'm not just saying that.
Anyways, I've just been thinking a lot today. Randomly catching myself off topic, or well like dazing off into something else completely opposite of what I was doing. Did it in the store, in the car on the road(which is probably not a good look)and even in the bathroom lol I was shaving(also probably not a good look). Random ish just keeps popping into my mind. Nothing to serious, just stuff about money, my situation in a few months, you know like where I see myself, and even stuff like I wonder what such and such is doing blah blah blah. All just random lol.
After I realized that I've been doing this all day I started to wonder was it on purpose or was I just looking to deep into this whole situation lol, and you know I probably am. But hey, it's something to type about lol because I find it harder and harder to figure out stuff to put here, when like I try to...like If i log on to post for no reason or haven't had anything going on, well its like pointless lol. I get here then I babble(like I am now) and then I leave. The mobile ish though will help because I can finally have a way to type str8 here as sooooooooooooon as something happens lol or runs across my mind, or whatever. Thats why I like this thing though, it's completely random. What a great thing for such a random person(me)
Anyways I'm going to find something to do or try to get lost in thought again lol, I'll get at this at some point soon.
till next time,

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