Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Checkin in, just wanted to write while I had some time to post.
Tuesdays are great for me cause' I spend the end of the previous week doing so much that after I get done on Monday with work/class/etc..I like not having to really do anything till about 2 o'clock.
Aint nothin been goin on,
Recently been re-evaluating myself inside, like emotionaly and all that.
I mentioned early when I first started this blog that some things had been going on witha girl, who I was with a short time but then we ended up becoming "just" friends lol.
I know everybody's experienced that.
Anyways, me and her are probally tighter then we ever we're when we called ourselves being together.
 However I still wonder at times if she thinks about being with me, like I do randomly when it pops into my head.
Don't get me wrong, I'm good being single right now...and I know even if I wasn't I'd still have to be content just because of the things that are going on around me, however
To be real, I miss her yo forreal and saying I don't or beating around the bush about it would be a lie.
I love that girl, and she loves me...we say it everytime we speak but it's more then words, we have a bond yah know...bestfriend type ish
and I love that
I just wonder, how would it be if we ever got back together yah know.
I talked to her about it the other day after we celebrated her B.day along with her friends...and we also have spoken about it the last couple of nights after we got done chillin, or hittn the gym.

We both basically came up with the same synopsis...that was that basically we probally could revisit an "us" later down the line but not right now...and even if we never did, the only thing I know I asked of her was that we just keep each other posted on feelings, emotions, thoughts..I know it can't be perfect, but I mean truthfully if she wants to make moves, other then with me, id atleast like to know, feel me.
She asked the same of me, and then she finally admited that seing me talk or even be friendly with other girls does set off certain alarms inside her lol...thats something I never knew affected her, even when we was together, so that kind of felt good.

Who knows though?, maybe we'll re-kindel(however you spell that, i refuse to spell check right now lol..lazy)
But yeah enough of that, what else...ummmm
I'm doing real well with my money managment/time managment/and gym commitment...hit that mugg up 5 times aweek monday-friday and take the weekends off, only because I work so early and then somewhat late into the evening so yeah I feel good about that.
Schools good, getting suprisingly good grades on Test's...No, im not stupid lol but to be real I'm not the biggest book worm I know lol so yeah.

I guess I should say bye now since I have to make moves soon, i'll hit this up later though

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