Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb. 14th

Was straight..
I mean I didn't go out or anything to to "special" although I had a meaningful night.
Me and my homegirl chilled, like we always do...watched a couple movies
Madagascar 2 & The family that prey's...
Yo both were really good, specially the Tyler Perry joint.
I already knew Madagascar 2 was gonna be funny, cause the first one was classic...was just worried they might have watered down the comedy...meaning like in the first one they had some shakey stuff going on lol a few of the jokes had me saying, damn is this for kids?lol but I mean it was still good.
Family that Preys acctually had me paying attention the whole and D was like damn, what the hell lol trying to figure ish out before it happnd...but yeah not to get into all my fav. parts lol it was nice.
But yeah things are going good for me..nothings really changed to much.  Still workign hard as ever, just have realized that keeping this focus/drive is tough when you gotta do it alone...guess thats why I depend on the little stuff that I keep hold of personally.  I'm tryin to keep it all together though, and I will...just have to keep praying, and motivated through everything thats going on.

Anyways though i guess Ill hit this up later, I'm a little beat from work earlier, andddddd its half time of the NBA allstar yeah

Ya'll see Allen Iverson cut his hair off?lol damn Allen, I guess Carmelo got to you. lol nahh it was bout time I think..takes it back to the G-town days.

But yeah good game so far, time for second half momentarily...hit this up later though

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