Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

So I havent been around to update at all lately due to a recent lost and re-gaining of laptops lol
Quick update then I'll get to the post...
Finally got my phone situation str8, for those of ya'll who know me...I hate not having a phone, but for the last I dunnoe how long(3 1/2 weeks atleast) I have'nt had a working cell phone consitently at all.  So yeah happy about that
..its a Treo by the way, still with Verizon...soon to be Verizon/Alltel I hear lol or something
Umm classes, work and all that still going on great, no is getting a little tough as far as the work load but It's nothing I can't handle.

Commercials sucked, game didn't really get hype till about the 3rd Quarter for me but I'm glad i watched the whole thing....Larry Fitzgerald started to go off but it was to little to least Kurt Warner didn't give up and I'm glad they fought till the end cause that was probably one of the best Superbowl comeback comebacks of all time...yeah comeback comeback...cause The Cardinals came back, then the steelers and again I think, then finally the Steelers pulled out.

I was gonna put a bunch of pictures up from the game but I figure ill just put pic.s of my personal MVP...which I think he got it anyways lol Santonio Holmes

Held it down when Hines Ward kinda disappeared and when the Cardinals where making there push he basically sucked all the wind out of the entire Defense.

Now, personally I think The Cardinals DB's could have atleast batted the joint down, specially number 20 but I can also see how you either think you have help over the top and you could also think dude was out of bounds, so either way...if this was during the Season it would have just meant another loss, but because it was SuperBowl Sunday It was the SEASON lol

but yeah Congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers...who knows whats to come for next year..I still have a pro-bowl to watch lol and I won't make my football picks till later...

anyways yall be easy like always
will hit this up later

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