Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dont get to comfortable

I havent been around as much as I would like to...I've been saying in earlier posts that its been because of work, maybe an illness, and school..all of that..
Well yeah its the truth lol but still I've figured more and more that anybody here reading is cool peoples, and if you don't read it..Im not mad lol this is for my own benifit so what I do, or don't do is up to
That wasn't directed at anyone I just felt like clarifying.
Anyways to get to what I was wanting to blog about...
If your friends with me on facebook, then you know that my status as of 10:30ish said something to the effect of...
[]..."is sad he had to get somewhat of a reality check tonight...however small, it still hit me harder then a bundle of bricks!..we as a PEOPLE have a long way to go."

So Yeah...Earlier tonight I recieved a big reality check.  I guess you'll want to know the story behind it...mind you it isn't as big as it might seem when you read it, but understanding my own positions and past experiences, it hit harder then expected...
Me, my girl Drea and my girl Danny(her names daniel but i always spell it wrong from how she does lol)...well anyways we all went to get some food...I had just left a music rehersal and they where doing laundry, so I figured they would want to take a break go get some food since I know I hadnt ate and they know they wasn't feeling that wack ass cafe food yeah we went to this little strip full of places who where still open.  At first we decided to hit subway...I mean yeah some of yall dont like them lol I dont especially but I love there 5 dollar footlong menu lol butttt we quickly decided not to do subway last second after we walked in just because of my girl Drea was like nahh I want a salad lol so whatever we go next door to this pizza italian type place.   She ordered an Greek Salad or whatever and that was that.  After seing those prices lol me and Danny quickly decided to dip right back to Subway yeah we all got our food and was about to sit and eat...Then Drea realized that she didnt have any type of eating me being the nice guy that I am, I went and got it for her from the place next door...I walk in, and there was about the same number of customers that was there when we first walked in...ummm ZERO lol...they owner was sweeping, and the cashier lady was wyping down the tables...anyways I ask..." hey can I get some silver wear, my friend didn't get any for her food"...he goes.."sir you have to(stuttering) by something to get silverwear"...I guess cause he was mad me and danny left, he figured he'd make his point by letting me know that I couldnt get any of his DOLLAR GENERAL silver wear that was complimentary unless I bought I say to him, "its not for me its for my friend who bought something earlier.." he looks back at the white woman, and says "well, what did she buy?" very sternly, might I add, as if i was lieing...Okay again I say I was only asking for afork really lol...anyways this dude listens to me say the girl bought a salad, matter of fact a Greek Salad...before I could finish my sentence, he was rushing to get my friends silver wear...i mean dropping other stuff lol just to get as if he realized..CRAP I MIGHT HAVE EFFED UP THINKING THIS DUDE WAS TRYING TO PLAY ME....

anyways not to keep typing lol it only made me feel bad inside because i felt as if he had profiled me as some dude trying to come in and use his silver wear for other peoples products...well if this was a resturaunt, or even if the stuff had his name on it, i wouldnt have not stupid, I know if you want a cup, or some ice, or anything in between dealing with food then yeah, you have to buy something...but other then that come own, a fork? a knife? a diffrent colored plastic one at that?...damn man lol

Like I said if you've read this far, you would see that it wasnt as big as it might sound after u read it, or whatever, but I mean to me it just made me realize how far people have to go mentally...It sucked bad to feel like that...yeah I wear jordans, i had on some nice fit jeans yah know, not Lil Wayne fit lol but they werent like super bigg...yah know a black tee, regular fit...and a damn hoody lol I mean hood? not really...was I walking with a limp? NO lol, was a black guy coming in alone asking for something free, yeah lol but thats not bad to me...oh well maybe Im makign a big deal out of it but it sucked to me inside...I left out a lot of details because this thing is long as heck...I mean dude looked me up and down, saw i was being sincere...I just didnt think asking for plastic forks and knives was a bad thing lol...he saw me leave because I felt like it lol nothing against him, just 8 dollars for some pizza or a salad isnt that appealing to me...yet when I come ask for a fork, he flips the script on me?, maybe people will say he didnt and that Im overreacing blah blah blah but you would have really had to be there to get my sounds so cliche? but who cares lol It happens right..

God bless that dude, but he def. isnt getting my service no more...I feel like If I can't get silver wear, for somebody else who did buy something at that, then eff it lol...his food isn't even that good...I havent went there to eat since like 2005?maybe?lol who cares

Anyways this shit long lol damn...I feel better now but i felt like typing matter how bad, a little bad or a lot bad?lol u know what I mean...issues like this matter to me
How dare we talk about big stuff without understanding smaller situations...

Sorry for allt he mis-spellings, you should know by now that I don't like hitting spell check lol and I don't really use full complete sentences at times...I like typing how I would want to talk this stuff out sometimes, and that's not always in complete well it is but it isn't...u got me?lol probally not...but fuck it I'm probally theonly one reading
But yeah schools good, works good, everything str8 lol

Ima hit this up later
"stay sucker free, an stop suckin on me.."
-jojo simons
AMEN lol j/k

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