Saturday, March 14, 2009

at trabajar(work in espanol...I think lol)

So yeah I'm at work..bored as hell, listening to Rook(I couldnt get her blog link to work, but its something like blab about her tonsils lol...nah she's not boring me but the job is...I just been sitting around. But wait, this is probally the best hustle/job/whatever you want to call it, that I've ever been apart I'm content with making money all while being bored lol...

So hey, it might not be a big deal...this is my 50th post
Not making a big deal of it, it just looks cool.

but yeah Im honestly just doing this blog out of sheer boredom.

Heres the science of it my job I do a few diffrent activities...I monitor/answer/and make phone calls...I also patrol the building randomly just to make sure things are working in proper order, as its the weekend and nobody's really here to do frontdesk security?without the security lol...During the week its a lot more difficult because there is constant flow, but on the weekends it's mad chill..

I just turn on some jazz music..yeah jazz lol, and just melow out.
I almost always want to fall asleep, so I have to make up something Caffieneish lol..hotchocalate/cappacino/sugar/3 creamers/2 sugars/ its probally bad as hell for me but I damn sure am not falling asleep anymore lol...its only like the second time i've made it though. I'm usually wide awake when i get here but not today..

Anyways just an update, spring break is coming to a close and I didn't do to much.
In the beg. of the week I attended my grandparents 52nd Wedding was cool to see so many people I didn't know lol, mad cousins/aunts/uncles and all that.

But after that, I really didn't do much. Hung out here and there, mostly chilled/slept and ate lol

Now its time to go back to class, but I can't say its all bad...I'm getting closer and closer to moving the fuck out...tired of taking care of everybody else, time for M.E to do M.E.<
But yeah I think im done for now with this post, i'll hit this back later.

oh yeahhhhhh lol
This week im opening a second bank account with Wacovia. I heard they got bought out or something, or the name change is coming...but who cares lol I don't want bank of America and besides SECU(State Employee's Credit Union), Wacovia has the most reliable ATM I can get to them both a lot faster then I would any other bank's yeah lol hitting that up soon, and this blog LATER lol