Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reflecting back.."the week that was" lol

Guess where I'm at?!?
figured it out yet?lol work!!!
Yeah. It seems like the only time I can put focus on writing these things is during my random "off" time during my shift at work. It's cool though. I guess you could look at it as me reflecting on my week. So that's what I think I will do, reflect.

Let's see...
Well, Monday started off with me taking a late mid-term for Spanish. Since we had spring break the previous week, and a few random snow storms, we ended up having to wait to take the mid-term till after break was done. It was "okay". I didn't knock it out the park but it was still all good. I had plans on meeting up with my boy later in the week, so that was something to look forward to. See, he moved about a year ago and he has had plans on moving back up here, so our plans collectively are to move in to a place and share rent and what not. You'll here about this more in a minute...

Tuesday brought about a day off for me, but more work to complete. I ended up withdrawing from my History class I was in, just because there was no real reason for me to be in it other than to just have a "fuller" schedule of classes. I'm already caught up on those classes and it wasn't part of my major load. So yeah that happened.

Wednesday my boy came through and we chilled and what not. At first he was not about to stay long because of a "emergency" call from his girl. Well, to her it was emergency. Long story short he ended up staying and we chilled, had a pretty straight time. While he was here, he was amped up and ready to move. But soon after he got back home he flipped the script and it seemed as if he didn't want to come, well that and the fact that he basically said, "nah, I don't want to come till about another year" I was like damn man, while you was here it was cool, but oh well. I will admit I was mad, but I can't be completely un-understanding about it because we talked about 6 months from now moving, well August/September. And I mean that's half a year, so another 6 months wouldn't completely be to off. I may be making my own move though, solo, but I'll keep you posted on that.

Brought about some more chill/off time for me. I did work for Friday's English class and just relaxed. Had another talk with my boy, and some things got aired out. I mean I basically told my peace and he said his. So we aren't completely throwing out the idea that we could be moving in 6 months, but if it doesn't happen like that, the end of the world won't come lol. We will just have to make plans for something else, even if I end up making my own plans.

English class was boring, but productive lol. I turned in my work and just relaxed like I usually do in that class. It's held inside this media, computer room where the news paper people type up and print all there articles. Since the class is only on Friday's, it really doesn't matter where we have class in that building, so we do it in there. I chilled with my bungalow head(mentioned in a post back I think) and we just caught up. Well we ran some errands, chilled, argues(just a little) but then brought it back. It was serious but nothing to out of the ordinary. Just expressing opinions and coming to a mutual agreement on most of what we spoke about. No, this isn't my girl, nor is she potentially going to be. That boat hasn't sailed past and won't for a while. Just clarifying that lol.

Well, im here typing to whoever is reading this besides the voice inside my head lol *pause* don't want people thinking I'm a nut. You know how you read stuff over after or during the time you type it and you here yourself? lol okay let me stop before I sound anymore crazier.

I hope SUNDAY is a productive day, although I try to do as least as possible. I will be at work, again however so maybe you'll get another one of these posts lol.

But yeah back to work I go. I'm glad this thing took me away from what I was doing here, atleast for a few minutes anyway.

Hope to hit this up later,

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