Saturday, March 28, 2009

[at work]3.28.09

at work again.
bored...nah lol
I don't even think that's much funny anymore lol because I'm never bored "working" while online, and doing random things.
Anyways I'm just trying to pass the few minutes I have left on my lunch break.
Today's been a good day. I woke up extra early, but didn't feel sleepy at all.
I wen't to be rather late, but that was due to the fact that I had slept earlier in the evening so I was kinda rested.
I took an extended shower lol. Then got dressed, even ate breakfast and still had enough time to cruise to work. I usually drive fast as hell just to be 5 minutes early, but today It wasn't any traffic. I even listened to some music...see usually I can't stand talking in the mourning or any type of loud noise lol...and I know your probally saying to yourself, "well why not just listen to soft music, or turn the ish down?" lol well see I don't like hearing anything at all but my car running if I have to lol. Don't know why. It's just I notice more and more how cranky I can really be in the mourning. I would'nt say that I'm not a mourning person but i def. don't like to exert much energy when I do get up. Today was diffrent though lol
I've been doing little online assignments for class, and work. I've even started planning out April, as far as what I already know I have to do and what not.
Im super excited about my new bank account. Not as if I'm rich or about to be cake'n off it, it's just neat when you get that fresh debit card lol. I've been using my one account now since I was in highschool, and allthough I had to re-new the card last September, it was still the same ish, same code, all that getting with this new bank(notice I havnt said the name lol I dont want to) feels good. Like a new toy you can't play with to much or you'll break it...or in this case go broke! lol
I feel super balanced right now. Mellow as hell.
Scratch that, mellow as heaven lol. hell don't seem to mellow...
I heard TI got a year and one day in court yesturday.
I hope he pull through, which I know he will. He's intelligent beyond his years, and like the reporters keep just believe that guy when he speaks...whether he's rapping, or apologizing and owening up to his mistakes. His show on MTV, Road to Redemption, hit hard in a lot of peoples minds and it was def. a good look in my opinion. I hope that when he does get up 366 days from whenever he starts his stent that he goes super hard. Only thing Id be mad at if i was him is, why the hell they give me a day after a year come on Judge, really?lol...a year and a damn day...Id be in jail like damn I just did 365 straight days, and these ni99as want me to do one more #%(**W#U day? lol check my abbreviated "curse words" ugly lol
But yeah he'll pull through, and I can't wait till he get out. It's always exciting to see what an artist has thought of while incarcerated.

Anyways I think that's about it for now, I'ma get at this later.
Putting pictures up of the glasses I buy lol yeah Im that bored and or boring...oh well lol

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