Monday, March 2, 2009


It snowed again.
Weird how a couple of the neighboring schools had Spring Break begin this week lol
You don't really want to have to equate snow with the words Spring Break, but it does happen.  I was telling this girl earlier in the year that the weather here sucks when it wants to and is great when it wants to be.  Could have the best summer day/night, or the worst...Could be expecting sunshine, and walk right into a thunder storm lol...and like today..could be thinking I'm going to start my break off right by leaving to do something, then it snows.
The rest of us start break this Friday through the rest of next week.  I dought it will snow or anything by Friday but it won't matter for me cause'  I still don't have any type of plan on what I'm gonna try to do.  But we'll see...anyways I'm gonna put pic.s up just like last post


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