Friday, January 30, 2009

on chill

so yeah my day is over, finally..
had mad classes  all day, well it felt like it.  Did two papers, an outline and some Spanish.
just chilln now,
Waitin for this superbowl..think the Steelers will when, but since the Cardinals beat the Panthers a few weeks back I'll go for them...not jumping on the bandwagon just saying lol I'll go for whoever beat my squad.
Either way Im not as excited as I usually am about the Super Bowl...most of the time I'll be thinking about it during the week but It hasnt really come across, sept for when I look at ESPN.  Think Im more happy that we gon drink a little somethin, eat some good food and be with Family...Even though I don't get off till about 2 hours before it starts, I'll still enjoy.

I 4got I meant to put this cause its been on my mind...
I heard if you buy shoes for somebody, the superstition is that they'll walk out of your life or something like that...Does that only apply to bf/gf? or can it extend to well I just did that, bought some shoes for somebody....I guess you could say at one time we was together but we are friends now...We had a good time while we went out but it was pretty mutual when we broke up so we stayed times it feels like im still with her, cause of how cool we are and the chemistry...but i make sure to let myself know what it is very quickly...anyways i bought her some shoes for her won't say what for fear she might read here but they hot don't worry...but yeah, I mean I personally don't believe in that "saying" just wanted to bring it up..I wonder do ppl really believe in some of those superstitions..I dunnoe lol but anyways
Guess Ima go get busy doing something else, hit this up later

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