Monday, January 26, 2009


What up,
Just stopping by checking in...I still haven't posted back to back to back days in a while...I'm falling off y'all lol
but yeah ain't nothing really been going on...I been so focused on the same ol ish(school&work)
I'm enjoying everything that's going on, even though everything seems 10 x's harder in 09'...Don't think I have ever started a new year this hard...really since right before the new year...I think mid-December is when it started and it don't feel like I've stopped.
I still haven't found anytime to check out NOTORIOUS...mad about that since I'm probably the only person who hasn't seen it by now...shit I don't even know what else is in the theaters right now lol...MALL COP?? lol I just saw the commercial, but I like Kevin James...random
I'll have a break soon enough...I already took a couple days off for this week just so I could focus on homework and sleep...but then I'm going hard again for most of February...
Can't wait for spring break though...Nothing planned, just always liked that break during school.

But yeah on another note, RIP Kay Yow...She was the coach at NC STATE for Women's B. Ball...she passed away earlier this week after battling breast cancer....I never really followed State's Girls team other then the fact that I know who the coach was...but I mean she was a cool character to follow...She made it very known what she was going through and fought every step it seems like...again RIP..

ummmm lets see what else...
lol yooo random I was watch Kat Williams last night, funny as hell stillll....I heard dat nicca had went crazy or something though, or something was wrong wit him I dunnoe...but I know he funny as hell..I can't get tired of his comedy..

But yeah class Monday through Friday basically...sept for bout to hit some of this back later

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