Monday, January 12, 2009


What up people!
Mannn im so glad to finally have a break from homework, work work...yeah work work...and any and everything else that has been keeping me to busy, or lazy, or tired from coming has been going on and on and on as usuall...Classes are going hard like always...and I havent been sleeping at all lol nah joking every chance i get I been tryin to lay it down...I been sick the last I dont know how many days but It hasnt stopped me to much, I think like a day or two it was bad as hell but Im str8 now...anyways let me catch up on some ish Im mad at..since its on my mind lol
Carolina[Panthers]-What the fuck man llol we was supposed to do it up, chicken, drinks;)..all that lol I was supposedddd to be watching you guys kick whoever's ass later this what the hell man....oh well better luck next year right?maybe you guys will finally run ANDDD pass and not be guessing what works anymore....Steve Smith cough cough is the best Wide Out atleast in my book he is...cause he's like 5'9 or something&he's a beast!!!...
Carolina[Tarheels]-What The fucking fuck lol now the panthers already fucked up...but alteast it was the end of the year and the shut a lot of folks up early...although they was fucking up still lol they was still where they was supposed to be by the end of the year....what the hell are yall doing???? i think we've dropped 2 str8 and on top of the freakin ACC lol...whats good Tyler????lets get it going Psyco T!! lol shit man we possed to take it too, its your last year man I'ma be sad to see you go seing as how we both came into college same year lol so now who do I look at? lol I already know Ty Lawson is leaving, Danny Green too damn he a senior as well...shit Wayne might stay but who knows...and as for the rest of the guys, I have no clue what they gon do but Im worried the team gonna be so young next year that its gonna be one of those re-building seasons...Anyway though I got faith in my boys, They just figuring ish out still thats all...hope we dont drop no more though cause going 0-2 this early in the ACC isnt always good...any lower and we might be in trouble

notice how much I said "we" like I play for these teams or something lol Im just a die hard "Carolina Fan" whether it be Panthers or the Tarheels...and NO its not just cause im from here lol I really love those two teams...even since Carolina had Kerry Collins lol remember???? and Tim is that how u spell his name?lol still though thats wayyyyyyyy back lol die hard!

So yeah thats really it sports
Hmmmm what else,
I guess I've been sticking true to my "new years resolution"...but you know what I hate using that fraise or whatever as a point of refrence to something I want to work on or do this year...becasue i feel like its shit from 08' I never even touched lol so why am I starting so fresh now? I mean I've got new ideas, and new things I want to well as things from the past that still need to be worked on...Some people like to create this vision in their minds that say well hey last year sucked so this year will be better...true, I guess if you work at it...but aren't you really just continuing what you was trying to fix last time?I mean how new is it for most of us to say hey, Im gon loose some wheight lol or hey, i need to save money...shit you better be lol the way this economy is looking...People also like to say Im getting rid of all the bullshit in  my life, including the people...(bullshit people) lol...and like I hear it and ssee it on peoples blogs, status's on facebook, myspace...but I mean by the time July and August hit,ppl is steady complaining on they same websites or whatever...damn people get on my nerves, damn bullshit is old now, time for a change lol...dont get me wrong, i fall into bad habbits like just saying im not one to say, hey im working on something new, when I know damn well Its just a backspin from last year...I got to much going on to be thinking up new shit, when I know last year still didnt work 100%...I just think its good to continue your work on what you wanted to do previsouly meanwhile adding new ideas to it, in a way spicing it that you dont get bored of it...but dont stray away....Change is good, spareingly(spell that right?)...but to much change can become normal, and when something is it considered a change anymore? it gets old...worn out...and then lol something new HAS to come...which constantly spins this circle...maybe Im babbling and not making sense lol but atleast this blog long shit I havnt typed this much in a minute....anyways
I guess though its cool if you want to start over...cause now that I read this over and over, Im thinking well damn what if you been tryin gto work on something since maybe you do need to start fresh..just dont start over every 2 months thinking oh well i give up...i hate that...i mean 4-6 months maybe  a year..okay...but like new years was 2 weeks ago...if you already trying to start something new now lol then damn what the hell yah know?
Shit i dunnoe im just i just seen that on some tv show,
umm yeah though ALL YALL lol just do you this year...I think thats the best way to go about working out change is by to do you, THINK MORE as well as REFLECT MORE...however you do it...praying, talking, blogging whatever it is you do...

I know I will be lol, 
Anywayssss I think thats enough lol I'll see this blank white space soon...untill then

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