Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yeah yeah I know everybody and literally they mama lol have been posting stuff all day, and yelling about stuff all day...but I'm still going to also lol
I'm just as happy as I want to be right now.
Really feels like a major step has been taken forward...Man I'm just so glad that this day came, and can't wait to see what will happen next.
I plan on doing a future post on what I expect to happen soon and other stuff...lol

but yeah guess what happened today?
IT SNOWED. lol people was loosing they minds last night, then it looked like it wasn't going to happen..then all of a sudden er body wake's up and its about 5 inches or so on the ground...Yeah yeah I know that's not a lot to some off y'all who might get 10 feet..lol well not 10 feet but you know what I'm trying to say...but I mean down here since we get a mix of everything, people like to get super cautious.

Ima post some pic.s of it later..
now I have to do homework since I know atleast one of my profesors are gonna have class tmrw, and the University is opening at 10am...so basically I gotta atleast attempt to go

be back later people..

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