Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On my ish

So yeah a few days into this "new" year, I been grindin', seriously. that sounded funny when I read it back
I been doing real good at my new job, stackin up maddd hours and getting things in order.
I was supposed to start class today but won't "Officially" go until next just need more break time....sike nah I emailed my teachers and let them know what was going on with me.  Today(Wednesday) being the first day of class, and for most "out of towners" the first day moving back, or wasn't really to big a deal to miss.  But I'll def. have to be there Monday, and will be. 
that make sense?lol
But yeah, I plan on renewing my blogger card and being the usual user I usually am lol.
I love coming here and typing whatever i want, after I sit and type all day for somebody else(my job)...
And damn I been working my other job too, did I mention that?..probaly not
But that job has always been pie for me, don't even really see it like work.

But yeah folks, I been goin hard,and dont plan on stopping anytime soon...ima hit this up later though, 


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