Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So yeah I'm just vibe'n today...doing some work, listening to some music..reflecting.
Wanted to come here and be random..
oh yeah, them pictures from when it snowed...lol I have some
They just pictures from my homie dorm room...had to get an up top view..(I don't know photography terminology lol)

But yeah it wasn't deep just yet but It was coming...this was around 10A.M. or something.

Feel bad for staff who came to work that mourning not knowing it would snow, then they had to walk the entire campus putting out that salt stuff..
But yeah it was fun while it lasted, we was out the whole day and the next day pretty much...Well there was an delay the second day but It didn't effect me or my class's.
Anyways Ima get back on this work, hit this up later.

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