Wednesday, December 31, 2008


....(its around 10:50 now), I might as well type a little 08 review...well my 08 in review...

My 2008 started off like every other year 12:01..after that, I think it was followed by a lot of niggas drinking, smoking....and then yelling at one another..and me laughing at all of um lol i think I acctually chose not to do anything in the beg. of 08'...i don't really remember to be honest...
so yeah,
I was typing all the months out, and trying to explain what went on...but I honestly cant remember lol all I know is...

I worked 3 jobs, 
had a Spring, Summer, & Fall semester full of college credit aspiring lol...
noticed my GPA rise, rise, & rise somemore.

Had a couple of random nahh but I did have 2 relationships this year...not at the same time lol, but saw both of them end...sadly, only one friend still remains from the 2

speaking of frienship...that shit got real confusing during the year lol..lets just say my circle is a lot smaller now...but stronger then ever.

Wherever my focus originated, I thank the person, place, or thing(noun) that helped me come to grips with what that word really means.

I want 09 to be a great year..
its scary though, who knows what may happen...but Im ready for some challenges..
whatever comes my way, im ready...or not
who cares..but lets get it!
I hope n!ggas stay safe tonight...i love watchn that ball drop on tv, but hate seing them other flashy lights minutes later outside my own window...its gettin old...
lets do it diffrent this year.[i know its nearly impossible]..but there are almost no escuses left..if any at all..shit, was there every any excuse?lol hell nahhh

ill leave with this though, and probally come back with something else later lol

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him POWER."

Im still pondering that myself...
till next time,

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