Friday, December 19, 2008


I woke up wanting a I don't know why..I think I might have had a dream about it. Either way I want one now. I think I've always wanted one, I just never followed through. But yeah so, Now the next question is...what should I get right? hmmmm...
I dont know man. Damn, see the problem is, it's gonna be there forever lol feel me? Soooo if I put it on my body, well if whoever does it puts it on my body somewhere I'm gonna want it to be a good decision.
I already know it's gonna be something music related, since that's a major part of my life. It also might be City that make sense? Like where I'm from lol. Why a bunch of us always feel the need to rep where we are from is still a mystery to me, but I can't front and say that I don't do it. So yeah I need to go searching for something unique. Feels like that will be more of a challenge than I'm making it out to be. Damn I just realized I gotta figure out where I'm gonna put this thing too. I already know that neck, back, wrist, forearm, i think thats it but yeah I already know that's out...pain isn't relevant, but working is lol...And having anything visable like that is def. a no no. Thinking more on it, i think it'll probally go on my upper left or right arm...the most basic spot lol. We'll see though, for now I just need to find something to get...probally put some pic.s up later.

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