Saturday, December 20, 2008

My day...yesterday lol

Oddly enough, at 3 something in the mourning, I've realized that I didn't write in this serious enough to say that I truly "blogged" lol (yesterday). I'm wide awake now because I went to sleep earlier. It's weird though because I been doing this lately, sleeping early and waking up early. It sounds good, but for me to be off from work and done with school for the semester going on 2 weeks, it seems a little odd lol. I love that I'm acctually going to bed, even though its not on purpose. Just wish I could stay sleep enough to wake up when the sun comes up, not watch it lol. It hasn't been all bad though, it's given me some time to think about a lot thats going on.

Anyways though, Friday was decent for me. I guess I could announce that I did finally get word from that second job I had been waiting to hear from. They want me to come in Monday to fill out paper work an all that, and I believe I start sometime after new years. I'm nervously excited about this lol, but ready. I will def. enjoy this extra mula I'll be bringing in. Or putting up? lol I also found out that the "IN" network that I associate my phone service with, likes to play games.... a lot lol....

hmmm what else?

I figured out why i want to be a million miles from where I sit and type to you..
hmm what else...ummmmm
I think I should start giving music lessons;)
And yeah thats about it...

I hope I go to sleep again so I wont have to be up no more...since someee ppl want quiet time now...[head]

but yeah, im sure i'll hit this back up later. I need more followers lol all my friends hittn double digits while all Im hittn is a 6 pack...i love my 6 pack though lol you guys are great...

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