Monday, December 29, 2008

1 down, 2 to go..then the fun starts

Nah, not talking about the new year...although that time is approaching us fast..I haven't really taken any time to sit back and think about it, or talk,type about it either...and I wont be right now lol, Probably Wednesday after work, when I can take another break from doing stuff.  Anyways today was my first official day of work at my new second job.  I work in a business park over here where I'm from, and I basically just do data entry for a company along with other little tasks, stuff like You can tell  I don't want to get into all the details about my work, probally cause I'm still learning the place, but It's a pretty chill job from what I can see.  They provide decent pay for part time, well REAL decent lol and I'm thinking I'll enjoy it for the most part ounce I get used to it.

So yeah that's about all that's going on with that.

Ummm, I'm excited to get closer to starting back at my other job, which if you don't know me then you probally don't know what it is lol...I teach at a Charter School.  Just one class, lol I'm not certified to work full time yet, but I teach a music class.  2nd-8th grade.  I been doing it since I was 17, in my early 20's haha i just wanted to sound old, I'm 21. lol...but yeah I never thought Id want to be a teacher, until I started going there and helping out.  All the help I gave, turned into a job, which turned into motivation for me to get outta school lol and start given back.  Well, educating back to the future(I sound lame I know lol but its true).

Um what else can I talk about...
oh yeah my car is fucking UP...I have to get it checked out sometime this week before Saturday.  All the more reason I want to get something else...its between these 3..not in any particular order..

1.Doge Charger
2.Chrysler 300
3.Infinti(forgot the model number)

I would have put Honda, but I already experienced one of those lol, and I would have put like Lexus but The only ones worth driving are the ones you pay a heavy GRIP for, so yeah no for now lol...All 3 of those are in my price range.

I think thats it though for now,
I'm tired of looking at computer screens lol even though I'll probally be sitting here chattin...hit this up later though.


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