Sunday, December 21, 2008


"What have I became
in this false fantasy?
Thriving on something sweet,
submerging into another world.
Without it I tumble
transforming into nothing.
I'm locked in a stalemate
not capable to stir.
Look closely through my eyes,
as deep as the end of sight.
See! My ailment and do
your very best to repair.
Save me from this ogre 
I have become, before
I sit in a dark painful void...lost inside my addiction"

I thirst and hunger for it, but have never known its taste
screamed and yelled at it, but never seen its face

My thoughts aren't complete, my words don't make sense and I don't even know who i want to tell this to.  I wana burst inside.  Damn.  Give me more, so that I might figure out why I crave for it so much.   I'm powerless to stop it, but scared of the consequences of my behavior.

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