Monday, December 15, 2008

im ready

ready to be done with school so badly. I remember starting off, fresh and ready for new adventure. Now it's all to old to me...although classes get harder and harder as you go, I still realize more and more that the biggest goal is finishing, but the hardest challenge will be starting over...again...afterward.
I'm ready though,

anyways, how bout them Panthers? I think we might take it...I hope so at least. That run game is SERIOUS. Just hope they stick to that as we get deeper in December and into January. Long as Delhomme keep throwing to Smith then we good too. & oh yeah, shouts to my Carolina Tar heels as well, they def. holding down that number one spot although Tyler's a little banged up. Wish that freshman dude, I forgott his name but I know he like 7' and he athletic as hell...anyways wish he hadnt of fucked his rist up...we would really be something to fuck wit...

but yeah I'ma get up out these work clothes and chill...probally watch...hmmm

yeah that will work. I watch it like everyweek lol..[classic]
get back to this later


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